Assignment 2: Michigan v. Tyler — The legal right to be there

Assignment 2: Michigan v. Tyler — The legal right to be there

Michigan v. Tyler and Michigan v. Clifford are considered two landmark cases impacting how fire investigations are performed in the United States. Complete a search for both cases in the Library.

After reading about the cases, write a 4-5 page paper (excluding title page and reference page) that analyzes the legal arguments surrounding an investigator’s actions at a fire scene and when he or she needs to obtain a search warrant.

In your paper, include the following:

Facts of both cases
The legal question involved in both cases
The Supreme Court’s rationale for the decision in both cases
Significance of the Supreme Court decisions that affected how investigators carry out their duties
Your thoughts on what investigators should have done differently that would have ultimately allowed the evidence to be considered.
Please Note: The Assignment will require outside research. Use at least two credible sources beyond the text material and discuss how you evaluated the credibility of the resources used.

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