Comcast: Political Environment

Comcast: Political Environment
Number of sources: 4
Paper instructions:
Please use one of the two last writers that wrote on my Comcast series.

The political environment includes all laws, government agencies, and lobbying groups that influence or restrict individuals or organizations in the society. The political environment also is about how changes in government policy might affect the business. The legal environment is about how legislation in society affects the business, i.e. changes in employment laws on working hours. This will NOT include lawsuits.

Integrate the political and legal environments/structures of your 2 countries (domestic and global).
What barriers exist for your least admired company in the context of the domestic and global political-legal environments?


Write a section of the final paper that details the items above.
Research requirement: minimum 2 scholarly sources PLUS something from your readings.
Page requirement: 2-3 pages in APA format.


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