Community Risk Reduction

Community Risk Reduction

The importance of community risk reduction cannot be understated! However, much of what the fire service has learned and adopted today is directly derived from historical events of the past. Whether we are talking about the Triangle Shirtwaist, Cocoanut Grove, or Our Lady of the Angels Fires that occurred decades ago or contemporary incidents such as the Station Nightclub Fire, the Ghost Ship Fire, or the Charleston Sofa Super Store Fire, these have all led to broad industry changes. Changes in codes and standards, inspection frequency, and the need for pre-incident planning are prevalent today more than ever.

In this Assignment you will research a fire incident in an assembly building, school, penitentiary, or similar type of occupancy that involved loss of human life.

Write a 1,400- to 1,750-word paper discussing the background of your chosen case study.

Include the following in your paper:

Provide a brief overview of the history of your incident including what caused the fire and how many lives were lost.
Describe actions that could have been taken to prevent this incident from occurring.
Discuss how this incident has shaped future fire prevention efforts in the modern fire service.
Explain whether a similar incident is likely to happen today. Why or why not?
In addition to the topics above, write a short description of your research process. Discuss why the articles used in the Assignment were selected. Include information on the following:

How were articles located? (keywords searched)
What databases were searched and why
How did you identify the articles were appropriate for this Assignment? (peer-reviewed, dates, research by criminal justice agencies, subject, etc.)


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