Online Library

Online Library
Number of sources: 3
Paper instructions:
The goal of this assignment is to provide students with scholarly tools to research a scope of topics in contemporary and social sport.
You will potentially use this article for your other upcoming assignments.

Use the Online Library to research an article of interest from one of the journals on sport sociology or any other journal related to topics we cover in sports psychology. You could also use academic/scholarly articles that are external to the APUS library. The article should be a recent one, i.e., no older than 5 years.

If you use the APUS Library then here are the instructions:

Go to APUS Library
Click on the Journal Titles tab under Find your Sources
Go to the drop down menu and click “Title Contains all words ”
Type in sport sociology
It will then populate results
Choose one of the topics below:

1. How does religion play a role in sports?

2. What racial issues are impacting current sports?

3. What issues are impacting women in sports?

4. How do the media and social media influence athletes and fans?

5. How are coaches making an impact on their community?

6. What are athletes current roles in community activism?

7. Is the culture of college athletics healthy for athletes?

8. What are the most challenging sport social issues globally around the world?

Please use these headings and use APA Style with a word count of 500 to 750 words:

1. Title

2. Author

3. Year

4. Publication Name

5. Description of the Study

6. My Thoughts on the Study

7. Conclusion of Impact on Contemporary Social Issues in Sports from This Study

8. References

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