Risk Reduction

Risk Reduction

FS304-1: Analyze fire and EMS department and officer roles in community risk reduction.

GEL-4.01: Describe how personal experiences influence workplace culture.

GEL-6.05: Adapt research skills to discover and sort relevant sources to complete tasks.

After reviewing the NFPA Case Study, write a 4–5-page paper that analyzes fire and EMS department roles in community risk reduction.

Using the United States Fire Administration Library, the Library, or another library/database as a resource, describe the historical events of a nightclub fire that occurred in the past 100 years other than “The Station” fire and how they influenced contemporary fire culture and public community cultures.

Focus specifically on the impact your chosen fires have had on society’s perception of risk and the changes that resulted.

Finally, include a paragraph that records the methods used to discover the sources cited in the paper. Discuss the quality of the search results. Explain the strategies used to refine the search and choose your sources for this paper.

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