Week 6 forums

Week 6 forums
Number of sources: 2
Paper instructions:
Part 1:
Please explain how, or if, religion should be involved with sports. Please share examples.
How do you define sportsmanship?
How do you feel about the overall level of sportsmanship in today’s sports world? Please share examples.
What can be done differently to combat poor sportsmanship? How would you manage this?

Part 2:
1. For each Fitness and Wellness category develop an exhaustive (5-10 item) list of possible ancillary products and services. You should have 4 lists.

2. Choose a fitness and wellness organization. I would suggest you use one of your previously chosen organizations for your forum responses.

3. Develop an internal and an external marketing flyer, or an internal and external 30-second commercial for two of your services offered as manager of this organization. *Flyers and commercials can be Social media formatted. They are not restricted to traditional paper flyers, or TV commercials.

Two flyers or two commercials are necessary for submission. Save the flyers as PDF or JEPG files and insert them as photos so that your classmates can see them easily. Insert the video commercials by uploading your commercial to your personal youtube account and embedding them into the forum


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