Writing Assignments

Writing Assignments
Number of sources: 6
Paper instructions:
The subject: If something changes, in some sense, it becomes different. Throughout our lives we change physically, mentally, emotionally, psychologically; however, despite the many changes, we still have the feeling that we are the same person. How is it possible for a person to change and yet remain the same? Are you now the same person you were 15 years ago? What is it that makes us the same despite the many changes? The problem of personal identity is discussed in notes given in class.

All papers will be evaluated for:
• Content
• Organization
• Effective argumentation
• Clarity
• Sentence level concerns (i.e., grammar, spelling, syntax).
• Critical understanding of the ideas and/or philosophical theories under discussion. (If any of these components is deemed unsatisfactory, the paper as a whole will be considered unsatisfactory)
• Internet citations are not acceptable in this course unless the source you are citing is an official peer-reviewed scholarly journal.

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