Improvement model

Improvement model
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HOME WORK ( I am going to attach a document with the teachers notes. It may also be helpfull)
Improvement Model
1. Identify a problem; it may be related to structure, process, or an outcome. Be clear in your problem and be cautious to not identify multiple problems. Identify a quality improvement methodology from Hughes (2008) Chapter 44, ( )Tools and Strategies for Quality Improvement and Patient Safety, that you will use to frame your improvement initiative.
Note: You will be writing this paper essentially as a plan for improvement (to the problem you identify).
2. Identify the key stakeholder to the problem/ improvement initiative. Why is it important to identify/engage stakeholders?
3. Discuss the root cause of the problem. You might use the formal root cause analysis (RCA) process to do this or simply your determination of the root cause.
4. Describe your planned improvement steps. It will be important here that your steps match those of whatever quality improvement methodology you choose. For example, if you choose to use a Plan, Do, Study, Act methodology, this section of your paper would be writing about what you would be doing (relative to your problem) in the planning phase, in the doing phase, in the study phase, and in the act phase.
5. Finally, describe how you would evaluate the effectiveness of your actions/improvement initiative. In other words, how would you know you were successful?

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