Null hypothesis/ T-Test calculations

Null hypothesis/ T-Test calculations
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Paper instructions:
For the Week 4 Problem Set #4 assignment, please include the following for each question: (Use one excel spread sheet for the whole assignment)

• The Null Hypothesis being tested
• The Research Hypothesis being tested
• Calculated t-statistic
• Appropriate T.TEST calculation (this is the probability of the difference between the two groups being due to chance)
• Appropriate calculated p-value (for one-tail or two-tail test)
• Appropriate calculated Critical value (for one-tail or two-tail test)
• Your conclusions, based on the above statistics, with the level of risk (level of significance) set at .05: You should either Reject your Null Hypothesis or Fail to Reject your Null Hypothesis. State your reasoning behind your conclusion, supported with your statistics.

Problem set #4. Using Excel and it’s function and formulas,
1. Test the null hypothesis that the population represented by Group 1 and the population represented by Group 2 have the same attitude toward gun control. Chapter 11, Data Set 3, page 439.


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