Organizational Theory

Organizational Theory
In a 3 -page paper, discuss the following:
1. Briefly, describe the organizational culture where you work (this could be a unit, a department, or your organization as a whole).( I work for a rehabilitation center-Nursing home on a medical surgical unit and I am a nurse).
2. Identify and discuss the hypothesis that most closely aligns with your described organizational culture. The Baker (2002) article will be essential to this question. (Baker, K. A. (2002). Organizational culture.)
3. Pick an organizational theory of interest and describe the theory.
4. Discuss how this theory either supports, (mirrors) your described organizational culture -or- how it is different and could improve your described organizational culture. The Walonick (1993) article will be important in this question as several organizational theories are outlined there. (Walonick, D. S. (1993). Organizational theory and behavior.)


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