Reflection on stats/ Chi-square value

eflection on stats/ Chi-square value
Number of sources: 3
Paper instructions:
1. Reflection on STATS
Please make sure that these questions are answered in a substantive nature and contain high-quality reasoning. (Answer these question on One page)
Now that you have endured to the end, the most important questions are:

• What is the point of taking a statistics course?
• Can stats be useful beyond simply fulfilling a requirement for a degree?
• Are there situations, either personal or professional, where your new knowledge will be put to use?

2. Using one EXCEL sheet answer the following questions.
Compute the CHISQ.TEST value (Chi-square value)

A. Using the following data, test the question whether an equal number of boys and girls participate in soccer at the elementary level at the .01 level of significance. What is your conclusion?
Boys Girls
45 55

B. At the Diabetes institute, patients are classified as compliant (they take their medication as they should) or not (they don’t). A new program manager has a new idea: Have some patients continuously monitor their blood sugar while telling others that they do not need to and see whether they fall into one of two categories in controlling their diet, successful or not successful. Here are the data:
Successful Unsuccessful
60 38

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