Week 3 Forum

Week 3 Forum
Number of sources: 1
Paper instructions:
Part 1:

After reading the article #2 by Warpeha appearing in the NSCA Performance Training Journal regarding single vs. multiple sets for muscle building, you are to share your reaction in the forum area of the online classroom. In your Forum post, you can discuss your own personal experiences however you will want to also include your point of view in a way that considers what others might have in terms of their own weight training and conditioning goals.

1. Share with your classmates if you agree or disagree with what the article is trying to convey. If you agree or disagree, explain why.

2. Explain why you think or do not think single sets might be useful for someone who weight trains.

3. Discuss why you think multiple sets might or might not be useful for someone who weight trains.

Part 2:

This week we are going to role play both an injured athlete and the athletic trainer who performs an off-the-field evaluation. The Sport is American Football the injury is ACL tear.


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