Week 4 Forum

Week 4 Forum
Number of sources: 1
Paper instructions:
Part 1:

This week’s readings discuss injury prevention with specific focus on the back. Using these resources and the Internet, please discuss how injuries can be prevented while strength training. For example, what are some common mistakes people make when weight training that causes injury?

Part 2:

This week we are going to explore injuries to the knee, hip, and pelvis. First, choose a knee, hip, or pelvis injury that no one else in the class has described (you may not repeat a topic someone else has already covered) and start a message thread using the sport, body part, and type of injury as the title. For example, I might choose “soccer knee ACL sprain” as my topic and message thread title). You must use an outside resource as the foundation for your post; this can be a journal article, website, or other public video. The injury you will do this on is American Football Knee sprain.

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