Week 7

Week 7
Number of sources: 1
Paper instructions:
Part 1:

This week we explore the topic of nutrition and weight training. Using your readings, the APUS Library or the Internet, you are to pick one area related to this topic area create an informational post. In other words, you are to share information about your topic in a way that others can benefit and learn from.

Part 2:

This week we are going to explore injuries and sudden illnesses that affect the thorax and abdomen (including the thoracic spine) using the differential diagnosis process. A differential diagnosis is the process of weighing the probability of one injury diagnosis versus that of other injuries possibly accounting for a patient’s condition that present similar clinical features (e.g. signs and symptoms). For example, a common differential diagnosis in sports medicine is the possible presence of a fracture and/or a sprain at a joint (like the ankle). The patient will present with a history, signs, and symptoms sufficient to consider both diagnoses as possible. Oftentimes, to “rule out” or confirm the diagnosis, specialized imaging techniques must be used (e.g. x-ray, CT, MRI, etc.). choose TWO thorax or abdominal injuries or sudden illnesses that present similarly


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