Case study and case study analysis

Case study and case study analysis
Number of sources: 4
Paper instructions:
Assignment is case study and case analysis.

1. The assignment is comprised of two parts: the case study and the case study analysis. Submit both parts as one MS WORD document.
2. The assignment must be completed individually.
3. The assignment must be type written, follow APA 6th edition guidelines, and not exceed the page limits. Note: Additional pages will not be read. Title page and reference page(s) do not count towards page limits.
4. The assignment must be submitted to Moodle prior to the course end date.
Part 1: The Case Study (3 pages, double spaced)
1. Select a topic from the list below that will allow you to demonstrate your knowledge regarding maternity nursing:
 Prenatal care
 High-risk births and obstetric emergencies
 Postpartum family care
2. Write out a story about a situation related to your chosen topic. The situation should:
o Be nursing focused; the story should revolve around the practical nurse and their care/interaction with others
o Describe people involved
o Be written to protect patient confidentiality if it is based on a real life scenario
o Be written in chronological order
o Include important background information
o Provide dialogue if needed
o Present the situation without any attempt at analysis, there should be no literature referenced in your case study
Part 2: The Case Study Analysis (5 pages, double spaced)
1. Describe and analyze two problems presented in your case study. What is a priority problem that occurred and why?
2. Present solutions to the two problems and how they could be implemented. What would you do as the LPN in the case study and why? Your solution should be written from an LPN perspective, keeping in mind the LPN scope of practice, roles, and responsibilities.
3. The analysis of the two problems and the solutions should include literature support. Remember this is NOT a care plan assignment. You need to be looking at the problems holistically and applying all related knowledge to provide appropriate patient care for the case study.
4. Use a minimum of two scholarly references to support your statements (e.g. textbook, peer-reviewed journal article, reputable website, etc…)
o We recommend using the NorQuest Library OneSearch database to find appropriate scholarly article.
o References should be within the last five years to ensure they are current. The only expectation are seminal literature.
5. See the attached document below for an example of a completed Case Study Analysis assignment. Please note that this sample assignment is for a fictional course and the only purpose is to provide you with an example of a case study and analysis based on the general instructions. The references are older than the recommended five years as they are considered seminal literature.


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