Disciple Process

Disciple Process
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Discipline Process

Students with disabilities are provided with specific provisions regarding discipline through the law. Special education teachers need to be aware of what the law has outlined for the discipline of students with disabilities, as they will be responsible for implementing these specific guidelines.

Review the following case scenario to inform the assignment that follows:

Isla is a ninth grader who receives special education services for a specific learning disability in the area of reading comprehension. She receives services in a resource setting for one hour each day to assist her in any content area that requires additional support in reading comprehension. Isla has no history of behavior problems, and her teachers state that she is generally a good student to have in class.

Recently, Isla was caught accessing inappropriate content in the computer lab when she was supposed to be researching information for a history project. When her teacher, Ms. Hillman, confronted Isla about the content, she immediately closed the website and denied the accusation. Ms. Hillman then asked Isla to step outside of the lab to speak to her privately. Isla pushed back her chair abruptly and made the comment “I don’t understand why you are singling me out, you should pay attention to what other students are doing–it’s worse!” Ms. Hillman asked Isla again more sternly to step outside. Isla stormed out, but as she did, she repeated that she did not do anything wrong, and stated inappropriate comments to Ms. Hillman. Ms. Hillman wanted to address the issue with Isla more privately and without a referral and further disruption as this was out of character for Isla. However, the language and tone that Isla took made Ms. Hillman decide to send her to the office with a referral for insubordination and inappropriate language. Ms. Hillman asked her instructional assistant to walk Isla to the office.

The assistant principal met with Isla on the issue, and as a result suspended her for one day. When Isla returned to the computer lab to gather her belongings, she got into another altercation with Ms. Hillman, lost her temper, and flipped a chair in the classroom. As Ms. Hillman asked her to step outside, Isla began shouting inappropriate comments towards Ms. Hillman, some students in class, as well as the instructional assistant. As a result, a student was hit by one of the chairs that Isla pushed as she was walking out of the classroom.

Ms. Hillman called security to have them escort Isla to the office. As a result of this incident, the principal, in accordance with the student code of conduct at the school, issued an additional 10-day suspension for Isla, bringing her total days of suspension to 11.

In a 500-750 word essay, address the questions that follow. Support your answers with references to specific sections of IDEA where applicable.


What will the special education teacher who oversees Isla need to do next because of her 11-day suspension?
Who will need to be contacted regarding Isla’s suspension?
What services, if any, need to be provided to Isla during her removal to an interim alternative educational setting (IAES)? Who are the stakeholders involved in this discussion?
What disciplinary actions are permissible?
What, if any, services will be provided to Isla for the duration of the disciplinary action?
What happens if Isla’s parents appeal the manifestation determination?
Support your findings with 1-2 scholarly resources in addition to IDEA.

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