Final Paper/ Family Therapy model

Final Paper/ Family Therapy model
Number of sources: 5
Paper instructions:
***Please follow the attached Outline and Rubric******

Final Paper: A paper discussing a family therapy model of interest to you and how it applies to your family or a sample family discussed in class. Use at least four outside peer-reviewed sources from refereed journals/books to gain a better understanding of one of the models of therapy. Theories must be picked by the end of the first month of class, and handouts will be distributed to familiarize you with models. 8-10 pages double-spaced. A handout (appendix A) outlining the requirements for this final paper is provided.

Please use either The experiential model or the psycho dynamic model. I am most familiar with them.

Please do not include the title or references page in the 7

*** Please use this (The main book from class) as one of the references

Goldenberg, Herbert and Goldenberg, Irene (2012). Family Therapy: An Overview. 8th Edition. Brooks/Cole: Monterey, CA.

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