Human Behavior and the Social Environment, SOCI 355,

Human Behavior and the Social Environment, SOCI 355,
Fall 2019 Session 2
Writing Emphasis Course [WE]
Instructor: Shirley Thompson-Lewis
(please put the reference separate with the parts )


(Discussion / part 1 ) 1 paragraph
Examine the theories on crime in the community and the community responses. Discuss how these theories inform about human behavior in these communities. .

( part 2 journal reflection – 500 words

1. Students will be required to write a 500 word journal entry which summarizes what the student has learned about human behavior and society that week in APA format.
2. Journals will keep a view toward the /person/system in the environment, the application to human functioning and development in its relationship to all social variables.

(part 3 Case study on video ) 500 page

1. Students will watch the assigned video

a. It must demonstrate an understanding of how the theories being studied could be used to understand what happened in this neighborhood.
b. It may include applicable biblical considerations.

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