International Crime Witness, Part 2

International Crime Witness, Part 2
Number of sources: 4
Paper instructions:
China’s governing body asks you to return to their country and testify in a violent assault court proceedings. While you are abroad, your professor asks you to report on the court proceedings and correctional system.

Analyze both the court system’s likely view on the accused’s rights, as well as the court system’s likely treatment of the defendant during trial proceedings. Provide support for the analysis.
Assuming the accused is ultimately sentenced to a term of imprisonment, depict the most likely experience the defendant will have within the country’s prison system. Provide justification for your view of the country’s prison system.
Expose two (2) ethical concerns you witnessed regarding the country’s court and correctional systems.
Provide one (1) recommendation for change within each of the systems (court and correctional). Provide justification for the recommendations.

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