Introduction to corrections

Introduction to corrections
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Paper instructions:
Power Point must be in APA format. Only one research power point per group is required. All work and research must be cited correctly in reference section of paper. The power point should be 5-15 slides in length not including cover or reference page. The paper must cover to topic completely and effectively. Any power points presentation not in correct format will not be accepted. Along with submission of ppt each group must present to the class their findings. All presentations MUST have a show component.

ABC Department of Corrections has hired you to design and run a Juvenile Facility. It will house 100 troubled youths between the ages of 13-18. You will design the facility being sure to include all necessary parts. How will your facility operate: Will you have armed guards, counselors, correction officers? What type of equipment will they use? Where will your facility be located? What will be your policy, etc? In light of recent controversy, how will you ensure the safety of staff and residents?
Remember: Mission Statement, Goals, Funding, Location, Functionality, Special population, Generation style, Inmate classification, Gender, Age, Class, Gangs, Privatization, etc. Use terminology learned in class. You may build a 3-D model; use a PowerPoint/ Prezi presentation, Presentation Board, Pamphlet, Movie, Create a Web site, etc. Be creative.

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