Nursing Assessments PCOS

Nursing Assessments PCOS
Number of sources: 10
Paper instructions:
Choose one of the case studies and respond to the following considerations in regard to the chosen case study

Discuss the relevant assessments required for the patient in the selected case study. (500 words)
Discuss the role of the sexual health team members involved in the care of the case study. (500 words)
Outline the education needs for the patient within the case study. (1000 words)

Case Study 1
This question is based on the Sharon case study and you will need to engage with the case study information prior to commencing this assignment.
Sharon Munroe, 26 year old caucasian female, has recently been diagnosed with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS). Medical history includes, irregular menses for the past 5 years, 12 kg weight gain over the past 2 years, increasing hirsuitism, episodes of severe acne and infertility.

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