Learning Styles; Development of Training

Learning Styles; Development of Training
Number of sources: 3
Paper instructions:
Section 2—Development (4-pages not counting the cover page and the References page)

Continue with the training topic you selected for in section 1 of your first paper (see attached case 1 – reference). Walk through, step by step, the Development phase of the ADDIE model, covering everything in detail. Be as specific as possible. If there is unknown information, make logical assumptions to fill in the information needed and include a section in your paper showing the assumptions you made. Bring in at least one high-quality peer-reviewed academic source found outside of your course materials to help build your paper (be sure to cite sources).

1. Phase: Development

a. Create a sample (Have a friend act as a client to review your work)

b. Develop course materials (a sample of each)

c. Conduct a run-thru (with a friend and assess their feedback)

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