Discussion: Project Network Diagram

Discussion: Project Network Diagram

Network diagrams are useful to plan, document, and communicate the design of a network. Especially in large and complex networks, it can be difficult to get a good sense of the big picture without such a diagram. In this Discussion, you will share and discuss a network diagram.

Your diagram must include all network hardware and media. These include connected devices, peripherals, routers/switches/hubs, firewalls or other security measures, modems, and the Internet (which you may show as a single cloud entity). Both wired and wireless connections should be indicated. The network icons available from Cisco should be utilized. Be sure each is also labelled.

You may develop your diagram in Visio, PowerPoint, or any other software that supports diagramming. When complete, you need to export it to an image file format such as jpg, gif, or png.

In your post, write a short paragraph to explain how your design meets the requirements you identified.

Then, click “Insert/Edit Image” to add the picture to your post. If you do not see this option, click the “Show More” arrows on the top right of the tool bar to see additional options.

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