Ethical Change

Ethical Change
Number of sources: 2
Paper instructions:
Discussion questions:

SYNTHESIZE: After reviewing Johnson’s (2019) discussion on the components of ethical culture and cultural change efforts (Chapter 9, pg. 278), how would you summarize what you have read? Do you see benefits to implementation of these elements? Why or why not?

ANALYZE: After viewing Brooke Deterline’s Creating ethical cultures in business (TEDx Talks, 2012), do you see any parallels from her discussion to that of Johnson (2019)? If so, what are they? If not, how are the two perspectives different?

EVALUATE: Do these factors when implemented add value to the ethics of a business or organization? Why or why not?

Write a three (3) page paper (APA -double spaced) in which you discussand analyze:
1. Your thoughts on creating ethical cultures in business

2. Include examples and ideas you have learned through your own life experiences applying the course readings

3. Consider whether these factors or elements, when implemented, add value to the ethics of a business or organization


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