Forum 8

Forum 8
Number of sources: 2
Paper instructions:
Part 1:
1. Explain to your classmates how you would currently answer the following questions due to the gathering of information and critically reflecting upon the information presented throughout this course.
What type of Fitness and Wellness Professional are you, or do you want to become?
What is your personal philosophy (similar to a coaching philosophy) as a Fitness and Wellness professional?
2. Provide your 1, 5, and 10 – year individual fitness and wellness professional development plan.
3. List elements of the course you enjoyed, as well as elements you would like to see changed.

Part 2:
Please describe two changes you foresee in the structure or organization of sports in the coming years. For example, what will happen to college sports? Will the number of participants increase in pleasure and participation sports when compared with performance sports? How will the changing population affect sport participation? These are just a couple of suggestions. Think outside of the box for your changes and keep a global perspective in mind when developing them. Remember to support your changes with examples.

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