Health Care Delivery 2

Health Care Delivery 2
Number of sources: 6
Paper instructions:
This Individual Project will be a foundation for the other Individual Projects in this course. You will use the work in Unit 1-4 IPs as a final project to be submitted in Week 5 as a formal Plan for a healthcare facility.

Health care in the United States is changing. A paradigm shift is occurring as more and more health care organizations are reorganizing existing business models from inpatient to outpatient services. That being said, you have been tasked to develop a proposal for the development of a health care facility that is designed to meet the rapidly changing health care needs. Within your proposal, you are required to research and discuss the following:

The type of facility you are recommending and the rationale behind your recommendation. For example, if you chose an ambulatory care facility, explain the reasons why this type of facility would be recommended over another type.
The type of health care delivery and services that are provided at the facility.

The type of staff that will work in the facility. Specify the position categories and/or titles for these positions and include what are the credentials or licensures required by these positions in the state in which you live where you proposed facility would be located.

Deliverable Length: 3-4 pages, not including a title and a reference page, and a minimum of 6 references
Note: You should include a minimum of 6 references (references used must be published within the last 5 years ), properly cited in APA format.

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