Hurricane Katrina Emergency Planning

Hurricane Katrina Emergency Planning
Number of sources: 4
Paper instructions:
• One of the most catastrophic weather events in the past 15 years occurred in August of 2005 when Hurricane Katrina made landfall in Florida, Louisiana and for a third time near the Louisiana/Mississippi border. While more than 15 states were affected, the most catastrophic losses occurred in the city of New Orleans, Orleans Parish and the surrounding Parishes. The issues surrounding the losses in the New Orleans area have been the some of the most discussed and debated emergency management topics since then.
For this paper you should research and discuss how and why planning efforts in this area were not effective. You should consider the following points:
o were there plans in place
o were the plans effective for a storm of this magnitude
o what specific areas of planning worked and what didn’t
o were plans translated to effective action
o were plans and actions in other states (Mississippi, Alabama, Florida) more effective and why or why not
While there are hundreds (if not thousands) of articles written about the failures or perceived failures during this storm, please concentrate on the planning aspects as tightly as possible. I have included a few articles in your readings but please do some in depth research to provide insight for your paper. Also please provide your personal insights learned from this class about the role planning plays in this incident.
This paper should be prepared following current APA guidelines and should be written in a scholarly manner. The body of the paper should be 8-10 pages.
Your paper should contain the following elements:

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