LENOVO’s acquisitions in the USA

Paper details:

The research proposal and the requirements for the written project are attached.

Advice on completing the project
In general, to have a structure of the following kind –
• An abstract – short and concise statement on what the project is about and a very concise statement of the major findings and there implications (does not count for word limit but should not be more than 200 words)
• List of tables and charts and appendices (not included in word limit)
• An introduction – background to the work, what is the research about, research objective and research questions and an outline of the structure of the project
• A literature review – from which the research objective and research questions are derived and a summary of what is known and unknown about the key issues involved in the research.
• A conceptual framework or outline of the major factors that will be investigated in the research – this may not be required depending on the nature of the research objective
• A methodology section – short outline of where data will be sought, how it will be analysed and how the validity of the data is checked
• Analysis and discussion of answers to the research questions
• Implications for users of the research – implications of the results of the research for both academics and practitioners
• Reference list (not included in word limit)
• Any appendices – NB appendices must only contain factual information and must not include material on the analysis or discussion of the results or on the implications of the results (not included in word limit)

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