To describe and critically analyse the core concepts of knowledge management using both a case study and a glossary.
This assignment is a critical analysis of one of your own experiences that involves action, information and knowledge. It requires you to describe the event and determine what and how information and knowledge where exchanged. You will use this to explore the concepts of data, information and knowledge, the differences between them. Your case study should be least 1000 words, but less than 1500 words. The glossary is unlimited and not included in the word count.
Assessment Criteria: This essay requires the critical analysis of a knowledge management a concept, model, definition, theory or technique of knowledge management. This requires students to research the topic sufficiently to gain a working understanding of the topic.
We are looking for you to demonstrate your ability to:
1. find and make sense of the ideas or concepts about Knowledge
2. identify and differentiate the difference between information an knowledge
3. describe the flow of knowledge in a case study scenario and critically analyse it in KMS terms
4. explain what you are doing and why
5. articulate your argument into a cogent and presentable assignment
6. provide an a relevant glossary with referenced definitions
7. effectively use the references given and find additional material.

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