Investing and Financing Activities/2015 – 2014 Whole Food Market SEC 10-K:

Answer the questions below for this year and last year, using your 2015 – 2014 Whole Food Market SEC 10-K:

Category: Operating Activities

1. Net income versus total for operating activities: report these values.

2. Items of significance between net income and total for operatining activities?

3. Is the business providing cash flow from operations?

Category: Investing and Financing Activities

1. Describe significant long term assets (type and amount) purchased, sold, or retired during the current period as well as last year.

2. Describe significant financing activities used by your corporation to increase cash (or other assets): these would be related to long term liablities and stockholders equity.

Category: Analysis
Overall Cash Flow (total of three sections): Compare this year to last year.

Question: 2

Decision Making and Incremental Analysis
Decision Making: Post comments and explain, with examples, how decision making and analysis, with the tools from our course, may be of value to you and your future endeavors. Include specific examples such as a company seeking to increase profits would ….

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