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Implementing My Project Now
Relate it to a Ambulatory Outpatient Center with (MY Practicum project)) plan to create a policy and procedure to Asserting refill replies in less than 24 hours and accurately scheduling patients for follow up visits, if necessary. The audience would be the medical care techs, nurses, and doctor.

Review Data to Identify Trends
Please review attached Information to help questions below my include
? Implement of the Needs Assessment to use as helpful for my Project
? Excel
? Data Analysis (from Excel Report)
? Qualitative Quantitative Questions to help with Implementation with My Project
? 250 word count

1a. Review your data analysis completed in Week 5, and identify any trends in the data. Does the data analysis reveal any additional areas of interest or concern?
1b. Discuss any barriers encountered that were not expected.
Review (3) peer-reviewed resources and include those that support your findings.

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