U.S. History/American Revolution/George Washington

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Discussion Post Guidelines

At a bare minimum your post must contain:

Three paragraphs.
A paragraph is defined as a minimum of 5 sentences which show action.
Must fully answer the question(s) asked.
Must not cite any outside sources.

Complete Discussion Post Four. The question is: George Washington has often been referred to as the father of our country, yet his record as a military commander could be judged as poor. How is it possible for George Washington to be considered as the father of our country and yet have such a military record?

Attention Writer: The following is an outline of the chapter: (Info. is available on the internet) Thank you!

I. Mobilizing for War
i. The Continental Army
ii. Problems of Finance and Supply
iii. Native Americans and the Revolution
iv. Disaster in Canada
v. Washington’s Narrow Escape
vi. A Desperate Gamble
vii. Winter in Morristown
viii. A Strategy of Evasion

II. American Society at War

III. Setbacks for the British (1777)
i. The Campaign of 1777
ii. Alliance with France

IV. 1778: Both Sides Regroup
i. Valley Forge and Stalemate
ii. War in the West
A. The War Moves South
i. British Momentum
ii. War in the Carolinas
iii. The Battle of Kings Mountain
iv. Southern Retreat

V. A War of Endurance
i. The Virginia Campaign
ii. Yorktown
A. The Treaty of Paris (1783)
i. A Negotiated Peace

VI. War as an Engine of Change
i. Republican Ideology
ii. State Governments
iii. The Articles of Confederation
iv. Expansion of Political Participation

VII. The Social Revolution
i. The Exodus of Loyalists
ii. Freedom of Religion

VIII. Slaves and the Revolution
i. Southern Backlash
ii. The Status of Women
iii. Women and Liberty
iv. Native Americans and the Revolution

IX. The Emergence of an American Culture

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