Legacy service members and the civil-military gap

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Topic: Are legacy Service Members becoming increasingly prevalent? Anecdotally, it appears that second- and third- generation Service Members are occurring more frequently. If this phenomenon is becoming more prevalent, does this have implications relevant to the civil-military gap? Are we becoming socially or culturally insular?

Thesis statement: The All Volunteer Force was implemented to recruit and retain the best qualified service members; to eliminate the perceived and evidenced disparities associated with conscripted service; and to achieve and sustain a diversity in the armed forces that reflects the nation holistically. Although military service is choice for all that qualify, there has historically been American military families who generationally serve in higher densities. This research will assess the perceived increase in generational military service and discuss the possible impacts on public at large interest in and understanding of military service; the likely implications to civil-military relations, both socially and politically; and will propose options to preclude the civil-military gap from widening.

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