Selected Market Cultural Report

2500 – 3500 Words.

Minimum of 10 different sources of information – APA

Selected Market Cultural Report

You are required to prepare a market cultural report on a country of you choosing. You are to provide insights on the culture of the host market, how it is different you’re your home country ( SINGAPORE ) , and highlight what cultural factors to take note of when doing business in that CHOSEN country.

a. The rationale for your country of choice. This could be related to your business ( work ) , studies ( further education ) , family ( relatives residing , or personal reasons ( honeymoon, holiday, retirement )

b. A detail Cultural analysis of the host country. Showcases and explain some unique cultural components of your chosen host country – 5 different components

C. Highlight the business culture of the host country, and how it dffers from that of your own – 3 different components

D. Using Hofstede’s cultural dimensions, explain what foreign companies need to consider in order to operate effectively in the chosen host countr – 5 Components.

E. Conclusions

F . LIst of references, in proper APA ( American Psychological Association ) format.

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