Benefits of the fda contributions to patient safety

1) Communicable Disease

Choose a communicable disease from the New York State Department of Health. Discuss the public health tools (barrier protections, immunizations, screening and case finding, treatment, contact treatment, quarantine, isolation, etc.) that can be used to prevent the further spread of the disease. Is it possible for this disease to be eradicated? Why or why not?

Which organizations are responsible for preventing the spread of this disease in your community? Briefly explain how these stakeholders are responsible for controlling communicable diseases using the public health tools identified for the chosen condition.

2) Please answer the following topic in full sentence and/or paragraph form.

This discussion is a research activity in which you will evaluate the pros and cons of FDA regulation of the pharmaceutical industry. To meet the requirements of this discussion activity, you may consider the topic from either of the following perspectives: 1) a specific drug and its impact on patients or on costs, or 2) the costs and benefits of the FDA’s contributions to patient safety. You must substantiate your response with information from one or more peer-reviewed sources other than your textbooks.

3) Choose one of the three common social determinants of health; socioeconomic status, culture, or religion. Briefly describe how this social determinant affects individual health behavior. Give examples of how these behaviors positively and negatively affect the health of the population as a whole.

What health education or health promotion programs are availablein your community to address the negative health effects associated with social behaviors?

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