evaluate Cooper’s Hawk’s presence in digital and social media environments

Your submission should be a PPT file (no more than 10 slides).

Company: Cooper’s Hawk Winery & Restaurants

Thorough company research and analyze files included to finish the 2 parts below
This powerpoint project builds on what we have noticed about Cooper’s Hawk customers and market segments with the customer database, and customer perceptions based on
the survey results.
(Files included for references)

The powerpoint project consists of two parts.
1. In the first part you should evaluate Cooper’s Hawk’s presence in digital and social media environments. These include the company web site, Facebook page, Twitter
feeds, mobile activities, etc. Your evaluation should address the quality of the content in these and other digital environments. Note that the purpose is not to be
entirely exhaustive in detecting every piece of digital marketing content as much as to provide an assessment of their presence in digital media with respect to the
quality of the content, its relevance to CH wine club customers, and its integration into the overall brand and marketing efforts.
2. The second part should provide top three ideas and recommendations for how Cooper’s Hawk can improve its presence in digital and social media. The idea is to
provide strategically significant improvements that are relevant to customers, and consistent with the CH nationwide expansion strategy and other marketing
communications practices.
For 1 & 2 your submission should be a PPT file (no more than 10 slides).

After completing 1 & 2 for powerpoints, please give a brief answer for 3
3 – brief answers please
Cooper’s Hawk management believes there are significant opportunities to increase the financial performance of the restaurant and the wine club through marketing
communications directed at wine club members. This question builds on the references provided, after researching them please provide :
⦁ Using the market segmentation analysis – references provide, select two or three target markets. Identify the opportunities to increased customer spending
among the target markets. Give brief reasons of why you select those 2 or 3 markets
Reference 1 is posed below,
Reference 2, 3 & 4 are attached

Reference 1:

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