Compare and contrast advertising and public relations

Each answer should be about a paragraph long. Do not copy your answers from the web, the text book, etc. In other words, you MAY USE the book, the videos, your notes, and other sources, but WRITE YOUR ANSWERS IN YOUR OWN WORDS.
Five essays at 14 possible points each (for a total of 70 points possible).

1.- Regarding “market structure,” from Chapter 18, explain the differences among the terms “Market Leader, Market Challenger, Market Follower, and Market Nicher (Niche Marketer)”. Give examples, but do not use the soft drink industry, which we used in class.

2.- Compare and contrast advertising and public relations – that is, tell how they are similar and how they are different from each other.

3.- Explain “push” strategies and “pull” strategies. Tell what the manufacturer is trying to accomplish through each strategy, and tell what kind of tools they use and who they target those tools to in each strategy.

4.- In the in-class discussion of Chapter 16, I compared advertising (as one-way communication) with personal selling (as two-way communication). In a few sentences, explain what I meant…

5.- From Chapter 15, in your own words, in four sentences or less, explain the difference between the “Technical Expertise” and the “Scientific Evidence” ad execution styles.

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