Discuss about the legal ethics and patientsrights

Assignment : Legal Ethics, Patients’ Rights, and HIV / AIDS

Discuss about the Legal Ethics, Patients’ Rights, and HIV / AIDS and include the given points given below:

A Plan to Investigate the Validity of Patients’ Claims for Denial of Services

1. Identification of Allegations and Issues to be Investigated

2. Investigative Strategy

3. Sources of Evidence

4. Special Considerations

5. Required Personnel and Resources

6. Milestones and Timelines

The Role of Staffing Levels in Upholding Ethical Conduct

1. Treating Patients with Dignity

2. Making the Patients Records Available to Other Physicians

3. Ethical Obligations of Medical Directors

4. Ensuring Confidentiality of the Patients’ Information

5. Patients Information

6. Ethical Obligation of the Nurses

A Plan to Relate Legal Ramifications to HIV/AIDS Patients

1. Identification of Malpractice

2. Investigation of the Claims

3. Trial Process

Legal Ramifications

1. Criminal Conviction

2. Withdrawal of Medical License and Loss of Job

3. Financial Compensation

Community Relations Plan

1. Activities

2. Activities Schedule

3. Budget Plan


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