The Glass Menagerie play

Introduction to World Theatre and Drama


The Glass Menagerie Essay



  • Single-space your header, including only name, course title, and date. 

  • Double-space your assignment. 

  • Use Times New Roman font. 

  • Include an introduction with a thesis statement and no generalizations. 

  • Include body paragraphs with evidence from the text and analysis of that evidence. 

  • Include a conclusion paragraph that re-states your argument and gestures to a 
larger conclusion. 

  • Use your close reading skills. 

  • Use parenthetical citations. No Works Cited list is required. 

  • 2-3 pages

The essay is about:

     Explain the importance of the “glass menagerie”—why is it the title of the play? How does the title of the play reflect the way that the “narrator” (Tom) uses his sister to understand himself? How does the “glass menagerie” symbolize both Laura and Tom?


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