Analyze a text, paying special attention to the features

Analyze a text, paying special attention to the features/ English

Your task is to analyze a text, paying special attention to the features that influence a piece of writing the most: the audience, the writer’s orientation, the rhetorical situation, and the genre (COLFV features). Use the sample rhetorical analysis on pages 42-47 as a flexible guide (not a rigid model). The content of your project should differ from the sample because you are analyzing a different text, but the format of your analysis should contrast with the sample as well, due to the nature of this assignment.


• Select one of the texts available on BlackBoard under Project #1, labeled “Text Options.” Annotate a hard copy of the text.

• Write a SUMMARY: Use one of the texts made available for this assignment on Blackboard. Apply what you have learned about analyzing texts using the COLFV model and write a summary of your findings. ?Your COLFV summary will include:

1: rhetorical information about the text

2: a brief description of content

3: a brief description of organization

4: a brief description of language

5: a discussion of the values that might be held by the discourse community of ?readers and writer.

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