How some people say that sexual assault will rise

How some people say that sexual assault will rise/ English

Make Presentation 4-5 minute and make notes for me to explaine it to the class.

My part:

Talking about the cons, for example how it’s against the first amendment and how it’ll increase sexual assault.

1- (explain how some people say that sexual assault will rise).
you’re going to find how percentage of sexual assault goes up and find examples of some people saying it or have experienced it in real life

2- you are going to find statistics about how when transgender people use the restroom there are higher sexual assaults and find examples – real life people who have experienced the assault – and include them in the slide so it could be longer.

3- Not to let transgender people use bathrooms because of sexual assault for the public, an issues is some people have faked being transgender and are putting cameras in the bathrooms, or some people can pretend to be transgender and assault the public in the bathrooms.

3-4 slides

Please use 2-3 source

Attachment:- outline.pdf

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