Demonstrate that you understand the competition

Demonstrate that you understand the competition

Final Research Paper: Advertisement as Argument

Advertisement is one of the subtlest forms of argument, and we encounter it everywhere in our daily lives. For your final project, you will be inventing your own product and creating an ad to “sell” it to the class. Your product does not need to be revolutionary, but it does need to be tactual and creative. You will need to do research to be able to argue how your product is better than or different from similar ones, and to justify the expenses required to manufacture it.


– Paper

Your paper will essentially be an argument for why your product should be created. This requires research- your paper must include at least four sources that help support why your product needs to be out in the world and how it differs from the competition. For example, if I want to make a new kind of water bottle, I need to know something about Dasani or Nestle, companies that also make water bottles. Your audience needs to understand what your product offers that your competitors. do not before they will be willing to invest time or money into it. Create something you’d enjoy buying yourself, be it a tooth paste, a new vacuum, or some kind of service. Be creative and factual at the same time!

– Advertisement

Your paper will be accompanied by an ad for your product. This can be either a 3-minute commercial or an advertisement that might appear in a magazine. If you create a commercial, the video must last at least three minutes but no more than five. For the magazine-type ad, you must use a poster board. You will need to present your advertisement to the class.

Your Goal:

Argue that your product is a need, for both the investors and potential customers. You will also need to inform investors on why they need to fund your product. You need to demonstrate that you understand the competition, have something unique to offer in whatever field you are creating, and that your product serves a necessary purpose in the world. You could even detail how you might inform your audience of your product and why that would help its success. There are many different angles you could take, but however you approach this, your goal is to essentially argue that your product will be effective and successful.

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