Describe the rise of akkad and the akkadian empire

The essay paper should be three pages.


– The Development of Sumer
– The Rise of Akkad and Sargon the Great
– Old Babylon and Hammurabi
– Old Kingdom Period (Djoser)
– The 4th Dynasty and the Pyramid Complex of Giza
– Mummification and Burial


a. Describe the development of Sumer. At a minimum include the following. The Uruk Period, Lugal, the use of Distribution Bowls, the Jemdet Nasr Period, the arrival of the Sumerians, the development of Sumerian religion, the belief in Anedena, the adoration of Inanna (Ishtar), the building of Ziggurats, the use of Slaves, Sumerian Beer, and the invention of the wheel and of Cuneiform writing. Lastly provide an account of the lives of Sumerian women.


b. Describe the rise of Akkad and the Akkadian Empire. At a minimum include the following. Sargon the Great (Sharrum Kin), Sargon’s rise from childhood to the kingship, the Holy City of Nijppur, the conquest of Sumer, the conquest of Elam, Sargon’s invasion of the north. Provide a brief description of kings Rimush, Manishtusu, and Naram Sin, the King of the Four Quarters. End your essay with an account of the invasion of the Guti.


c. Describe the rise of Old Babylon and its principle king, Hammurabi. At a minimum include the following. The arrival of the Amorites into Mesopotamia, the Isin-Larsa Period, the practice of using a Substitute King, Enlil-Bani, the Gardener, the rise of the city of Babylon, King Hammurabi, the Tower of Babel, the Code of Hammurabi, and end with a short account of Babylon’s most famous book The Epic of Gilgamesh.


d. Describe the Old Kingdom Period of Egypt, from Queen Nimathap through King Snefru, first king of the Fourth Dynasty. At a minimum include the following. Queen Nimathap, Memphis (White Walls), King Sanakhte, King Djoser, the building of Djoser’s Step Pyramid, Imhotep, the uses of Pyramid Complexes, King Khaba, King Huni and the Meydum Pyramid, King Snefru, the Bent Pyramid and the Red Pyramid.


e. Describe the Fourth Dynasty and the development of the Pyramid Comp exes-on the Giza Plateau. At a minimum include the following. King Khufu (Cheops), the building of Khufu’s Great Pyramid, Queen’s Pyramids, Princess Nefertiabit and the legend of her construction of a Queen’s Pyramid, the use of Solar Ships, King Djedefre, King Khafre (Chephren) and his construction of the second pyramid at Giza, the Sphinx. Lastly provide an account of King Menkaure and his construction of the third Giza pyramid.


f. Describe the Egyptian practice of Mummification and their methods of burial of the dead. At a minimum include the following. The Ka, the Ba, the Akh, the Shadow, the importance of preserving a person’s name, the development of mummification (Mumiyah) throughout Egyptian history, Ibu (Place of Purification), the use of Canopic Jars, the use of Natron, and the Opening of the Mouth Ceremony. Lastly, provide an account of why the Egyptians placed Ushabits in their tombs.

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