Describe the role or position of human services professional

Describe the role or position of human services professional

For this assignment, complete and submit a PowerPoint presentation on the selected agency/organization. Apply the theories covered in the readings of this course to analyze the institution. Include the following in your presentation:

• Identify the agency/organization and describe its mission statement.

• Describe the role or position of the human services professional interviewed.

• List and describe the range or types of services the agency/organization provides.

• Describe the population the agency/organization serves and explain the broader social needs and issues that affect this population.

• Describe how the agency/organization is staffed and its funding sources.

• Recommend training for staff based on analysis of information. Make sure you address ethical standards specific to the population/s they serve.

• Focusing on the population of clients served at the agency/organization, describe what you have learned about how those clients are influenced or affected by events and decisions at 1) the selected agency/organization, 2) your local community, 3) national or global society.

• Explain whether you would want to work at the agency and, if yes, the position you would like to hold and why.

• Describe what you have learned about yourself in the context of completing this assignment (your preconceptions, experiences, and insights about certain populations, services, or agencies).

• Use the PowerPoint notes feature to include comprehensive speaker notes for your presentation. Include your references on one slide. Include graphs and tables where appropriate.

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