Discuss design gap and communication gap

Assessment Task: Individual presentation and report

Examples of the services marketing principles covered in this course can be found in many business publications. You are to seek out one or more current articles that address services marketing issues relating to a real business or industry situation. You may choose any current event or discussion – but it must be relevant to the material covered in this course. Make sure you use credible sources such as the daily press, business magazines, professional association newsletters, or perhaps even academic journals. The article must have been published in the last three months in BRW, Forbes, The Economist, South China Morning Post or similar publications. Do Not Use Web Articles. If you use questionable websites, blogs, etc. you will fail this task.

You are required to provide a 5-10 minute presentation, and submit a short (1,000 word) report, on your chosen article or articles.

Your presentation and report should meet the following criteria. Refer to the Assessment Criteria Sheets at the back of this document. They should:

Give a (very) brief summary of the key point(s) of the article(s).

Discuss how the article(s) relates to the concept(s) examined in the course (clearly note the concept(s) being illustrated) and the implications for services marketing practitioners.

Give your personal evaluation of, and reaction to, the article(s). Your evaluation should be based upon the services marketing perspectives you are gaining from this course. Be honest in your evaluation.

Using GAPS model discuss design gap and communication gap in it.

Article – Optus cutting off customers without warning, blaming NBN


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