essay about Live Television

Papers must address the following:

• What is the author’s main argument?

• What are the key points the author addresses?

• What approach are they taking to their subject?Are they critical of what they’re describing?

• What kind of sources and evidence are they using? Are they using primary sources, secondary sources, or both?

• How much ofthe author’s argument is based on historical fact, and how much is based on historical interpretation of events?(Note: This question does not ask you to weigh the value of factvs. interpretation, as both are mutually productive ways of discussing history.)

• What connections do you see to other material we’ve addressed in the course so far, and to the overall topic of our course in radio and TV history? American history in general?

• What do you think about the article/chapter’s main points? Do you find it compelling or do you have critiques?

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