The Lost Language of Privacy

In class, we viewed Bottled Life, a 2012 documentary that described Nestle, a Swiss firm’s,
development and global expansion of its bottled water business. For your midterm essay
assignment, you will write an approximately 5-page (double-spaced) paper, in response to the
• Part 1: Introduction. Write a brief Introduction (2 or 3 paragraphs) to the company and
to the main ethical issues that are exemplified in the case.
• Part 2: Ethical problem identification. In your opinion, identify three major ethical
problems / challenges that Nestle encountered as it developed its global bottled water
business. For each problem that you identify, provide a clear example of the challenge,
identify the relevant stakeholder group(s), and outline the actions Nestle took that
responded to the challenge or opportunity. (Reminder: The topics that we have covered
in class thus far have included: Fairness and Justice, Social Responsibility, Global /
International Business Ethics, Corporations and the Environment, and Ethical
• Part 3: Nestle 2012 Evaluation. Then, after you have completed your problem
identification and analysis, develop a summary evaluation / rating of Nestle as a socially
responsible company in a global environment in 2012. What were its strengths and
weaknesses in this area at that time? Use the definitions, criteria, and material
presented in class readings and lecture as the foundation for your assessment.
• Part 4: Nestle 2016 – 2018 Evaluation. Finally, working from the 2016 materials
provided on the Global Nestle website and in the Blackboard document downloads, as
well as any other research that you can do, provide a summary progress report for
Nestle in addressing the ethical issues you identified in Parts 2 and 3.
• Part 5: Conclusion. To conclude your essay, you will need to write a brief statement
that summarizes where you have been, highlights your main arguments, and returns
your reader to the initial ethical issues and challenges you identified in your introduction
and early sections.
Reminder: This class has been designated as a writing-intensive class. Therefore, please be
sure to write this essay clearly and professionally in written English, and, as always, use correct
documentation and references for a research paper (APA documentation format). Your writing
will be included in your evaluation.

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