Training Development

Training Development

A. Please use concepts and terminology from chapters 3, 5, and 6 to help you provide substantive and meaningful responses to demonstrate your understanding of the topics presented. Responses should be approximately 200 words or more per question. Sources used must be identified by in-text citations and a reference page.

1. What is a learning objective? List and explain its three components and how they relate to designing a training program.

2. How does knowledge of the social learning theory assist in designing effective training programs?

3. Compare and contrast needs theory and process theory. How are the theories applicable to learning?

4. Discuss the strengths and weaknesses of at least two traditional training methods.

5. How can training be designed to motivate learning and accommodate trainee learning styles?

B. You are asked to deliver a two-day workshop for managers on effective feedback skills. It is focused primarily on performance reviews. Approximately 100 managers need to be trained. Considering the information that follows, what approach would you take to prepare for the workshop?

Describe what the content of the training would entail.

Explain the methods you would use (e. g., lecture, case study, role- play) and why.

Identify the instructional media and equipment you would want and explain why.

Determine what type of room configuration would be most effective, and why?

Calculate the number of sessions you would need for this number of managers and explain why. The minimum word count for the main question is approximately 250 words.

C. Respond to posts 1,2, &3 using approximately 100 words each post.

P1 As company trainer knowing that 100 managers need to be trained on effective feedback skills I know I would need to have multiple 2 day workshops. I would plan for six 2-day courses putting 16 managers in 4 of the sessions and 18 in 2 other sessions. Because of the type of training, it would not be effective to lump 100 managers into a lecture style type of training environment. First I would gather some information on the manager population. For example, how long has each manager been managing people? What type of people do they manage? I would use this information to get a good mix of newer managers in a workshop with more experienced managers. I would also review the various types of people being managed and ensure a good mix of those managers are in different classes as well. The company I work for could sure use some pointers in this arena. Supervisory managers recently had training to cover year end performance reviews. The HR department felt it was effective to do a webcast with thousands of supervisory managers in attendance around the globe. There was a Q&A session at the end but it was limited to 5 minutes as we ran out of time in the 1 hour session. At any rate, to give effective feedback it helps to see what good and bad feedback looks like.

P2 I would consider a room with a projector for the first part of the training, where managers could seat and take notes. Also, it is the most suitable room configuration to present, discuss and interact. For the simulation part of the program, a real-world working place would be best to increase the accuracy of the program.. Case studies will involve analyzing different methods to provide valuable feedback, which will lead to role plays representing manager-employees situations.

This two-day workshop may require three sessions per group, including a presentation, a critical thinking session through case studies, and a role-play session. In fact,”if the skills acquired from these training techniques are used efficiently and effectively, then you can be sure of consistent growth of your business or organization” (Silver, 2015). Thus, I believe that this distribution will also motivate trainees because various methods will be used to ensure retention and transfer of training.

P3 If I was trainer and planning a workshop for managers I would use a month to prepare for the work shop. I would have materials created with all the information I plan to cover within the workshop. I would have lessons plan out along with an agenda on the times I would start each activity in the class. I would also have the workshops separated by alphabetical order by their last name. I would purchase all the supplies will need like pens, notebooks, and different books about the knowledge that a manger should have.

The workshop would include information on people skills and the way managers should speak to their employees. Leadership would be another course I would discuss in the workshop. Communication verbally and written is something that I would discuss. How to motivate employees would be another thing I would discuss. Planning, problem solving, feedback, and organization awareness will be all subject that would also be include in the workshop.

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