Develop a brief marketing plan



Using the information you obtained in Assignment with Mountain Equipment Co-Op (MEC), recommend a new product line to launch and develop a brief marketing plan for this new product line that MEC could launch in its stores.


– Mountain Equipment Co-op website:
– Visit a Mountain Equipment Co-op store, if there is one nearby. You can see a list of locations on their website. (Note: you will be able to complete this assignment without visiting a store.)

AREAS TO BE ADDRESSED IN YOUR REPORT (continued on next page as well)

1. Describe the new product line (must be new) and the category the product will fit in to.

2. Identify and describe the target market (using the segmentation variables) for this new product and the need it satisfies.

3. Describe two (2) competitors for the new products that MEC will introduce and identify how MEC’s new products will be different/better.

4. Prepare a brief marketing program as to how MEC might launch this new product line. Your plan must include all elements of the marketing mix- an elaborate product, price, distribution and communication strategy (promotion mix).


1. Individual assignments must be completed in Word using either Arial or Calibri font (font size 12). Use single line spacing please.
2. Please use sub-titles and white space to allow the reader to navigate through your report to find your answers to the 6 areas of focus as described in the preceding section of this document.
3. Please write in the third person and in complete sentences (use bullet points where appropriate)
4. Recommended page count of 4 to 5 pages maximum.
5. Please comply with McMaster University’s policies on referencing and on academic honesty.

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