Personal Philosophy of Supervision

APA Style, look at other personal papers online. atleast 5 pages. This is based on counseling supervision The purpose of the personal philosophy of supervision paper is to assess and evaluate the supervisor candidates’ thinking and articulation of the content and process of supervision. The paper must include the candidate’s articulation in the following areas: Evidence of systemic thinking Clarity of purpose and goals for supervision Clarity of supervisory roles and relationships Evidence of awareness of personal and professional experiences that impact supervision (e.g., person of the supervisor) Preferred supervision model or practices and their connection with the candidate’s own therapy model

Evidence of sensitivity and attention to contextual factors such as developmental phase of the trainee training setting, culture, ethnicity, race, sexual orientation, age, sex, gender, economics, power and privilege, and so forth Familiarity with modes of supervision (individual/group, case consultation/live/audio-video, and technology-assisted) Evidence of sensitivity to and competency in ethics and legal factors of supervision; Integrated MFT supervision literature

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